Google AdSense's Claim About One Site Having Only Christian Content

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David Versus Goliath
David Versus Goliath

We commend Google for having AdSense—a way for publishers to earn revenue from third-party ads alongside wholesome content on their websites. We are writing this article to bring awareness to Christians and to Google that AdSense has said that the content on—which is Christian content—has "little to no value."

Here is the background: shares biblical truths that new Christians need to know and apply to live victoriously. We submitted the site to AdSense on February 13, 2019, to review for inclusion of AdSense ads on the site. Below is the March 8, 2019, response of the AdSense site review team regarding

Google AdSense Site Review Team's March 8, 2019, Response
Google AdSense Site Review Team's March 8, 2019, Response

The review team's statement that the pages of have "little to no value and/or excessive advertising" is false: has Christian content (in the form of Christian articles) only, and Christian content is invaluable. In addition, does not have excessive advertising: At the bottom of each article page is one small box having a few sentences of Christian advertising.

The question that begs the answer is "Is Christian content among the types of content prohibited by AdSense?" The answer is no. The AdSense Content Policies page states content categories prohibited by AdSense: adult content, adult themes in family content, dangerous or derogatory content, recreational drugs and drug-related content, alcohol-related content, tobacco-related content, gambling and games-related content, healthcare-related content, hacking and cracking content, pages that offer compensation programs, misrepresentative content, shocking content, weapon-related content, content that enables dishonest behavior, and illegal content.

Last month, Cynthia Newman, dean of the business college of Rider University, announced her resignation as dean because of the university's hostility to Chick-fil-A's Christian values. (The university had decided to ban Chick-fil-A from serving students on campus.) Her announcement has brought national attention to one example of the growing hostility to anything Christian in America. Likewise, we hope to bring national attention to the Google AdSense site review team's opposition to AdSense ads appearing alongside the Christian content on claiming that the webpages have "little to no value." We feel very much like David versus Goliath.

Giant Google, we are calling on you to review the response of your AdSense site review team. Since contains Christian content only, if you agree with the review team that the content on the site has "little to no value," you will be saying that Christian content on the site has "little to no value." Giant Google, what will you do? Will you side with your AdSense site review team? Or will you instruct the team to allow AdSense ads alongside the Christian content on Christians, all eyes on Google!

—March 11, 2019 Registered & Protected

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